Direct Ship Flowers Versus Your Local Florist.
Over the past 6 years a number of online companies have continued to offer so called fresh from the fields flowers in direct
competition with retail local florist.  In this test that was conducted back in August of 2005 we compared our weekly standing
order of roses to an order that was placed with one of these online flower stores.  This test was conducted over a 5 day
period in which we handled both products exactly the same cleaning and removing excuss greens and placing them in fresh
Our Freedom Red Roses That We
Received On Tuesday 08/23/05 From
Local Wholesale Supplier
Flowers Ordered On 8/23/05.  
Received On 08/25/05.  
Day 1
Day 3
Day 5
Online companies that claim of having fresher product then a local florist may or may not be true.  Not every florist
operates the same.  If these roses are fresher than ours by maybe a week or so.  How come they wilted over after 5
days while our roses continued on?

We see many problems with these direct ship companies.

Most of the time they use pictures of their products showing beautifully created flower arrangements making the
consumer think they are getting a designed product.

They claim that their flowers are fresher because their product is direct from the growers fields.

However the biggest problem with these companies is that they continue to devalue the flower industry and market
to consumers with false advertising as well as misleading savings.
Direct Ship Flowers vs Everyday Flowers
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