Corporate Accounts

Standing Orders

Choose from a weekly biweekly or even a monthly delivery of your arrangements.  You can decide what types of flowers or leave it up to our designers
to create a designers choice arrangement using flowers that are in season.

Weekly Standing orders receive free delivery of their arrangements and a discount on the arrangement if the container is recycled.

Biweekly or Monthly Standing orders will receive a discounted delivery charge as well as a discount on recycled containers. If you are looking for
arrangements for your office or home we can work with every budget.  We offer fresh flower arrangements, custom silk arrangements and live plants

If you are interested please contact us using our online form and a representative will contact you.  We can set up your standing order over the phone
or we can set up a consultation at your home or office.

House Accounts

Opening a house account is easy.  We provide detailed billing statements if you choose to receive a bill for your charges and with our system we are
always able to provide invoices for company or personal records that can be either faxed or emailed. You can choose to bill your credit card every time
an order is placed or receive a bill at the end of the month for your purchases.  

All accounts that receive a bill at the end of the month are required to be paid in full by the 15th of the following month.  Accounts that are not paid in
full by the due date can be subjected to late fees.

House accounts are also able to utilize their account to place orders on our website as well.

If you are interested in setting up an account please contact us using our contact form and a representative will contact you to set up your account.  
Because of security reasons please do not send any credit card information using our contact form or email us any type of payment information.

Thank you

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Corporate Accounts For Flowers Delivered by Everyday Flowers Orange County California Florist
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